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Anti Spam Policy 

CLN has no tolerance for the sending of spam and unsolicited mail.

If you’ve received unsolicited mail from us please unsubscribe and notify us  immediately at complaint is investigated, and you will be immediately unsubscribed and receive a response from our business.

CLN takes several steps to ensure we only send our mail to "opted in" customers. We  will with:


  • We send mail to customers who are on existing mailing lists and who we have mailed for years on a frequent basis.
  • Every e mail we send has an unsubscribe link. If you do not wish to receive e mail from us please use this in the first instance. You WILL be removed IMMEDIATELY. 
  • We are also constantly cleansing our marketing lists by removing: prospects who have never opened an e mail, hard bounced contacts, manual "opt out" requests, older e mail addresses AND in (2015) we have started removing all generic e mail addresses: sales@, info@, support@, yahoo, google, hotmail, msn etc.
  • This means some valid e mail addresses have and will continue to be removed however as our database grows it is imperative that we lower the risk of being seen as "spammers" due to the very large volumes of e mail we are sending.


  •  Any new customers who "opt in" via one of our websites is asked to use a double opt in process. This ensures they have confirmed their desire to receive e mail from us.
  • As with most businesses we do purchase data but this is only purchased from verified data management companies. These companies only sell or rent us data which has a clear "opt in" audit trail.
  • If you feel you have not opted into receiving  e mail from us and wish to contact the data supplier and/or receive an audit trail showing where you opted in - please e mail us at Please note that these requests can take up to 1-2 weeks due to the fact that our databases and now VERY large and that we have used a number of suppliers over the years.   


  • If we receive a complaint we immediately remove that persons e mail address from all databases.
  • If the customer is happy with that the investigations ends.
  • If the customer would like to know where they opted in then we will send them this data.
  • Please note that on some of our older data (from when we first started our business) this may not be possible. This is because the data management company has ceased to trade and /or the website the customer initially opted in on is no longer in operation.
  • In all cases the  email address WILL be removed and you will be contacted by us via e mail or phone.

We do not want to send you e mail you do not wish to receive. This is counterproductive. If you wish to stop receiving e mail from us please unsubscribe using the unsubscribe link (on the e mail we sent you) or contact us and we will do this for you.