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Limited Information Document

Who are we?

We are Car leasing Network and our registered office is in Scotland: 73 Stirling Business Centre, Wellgreen, Stirling, FK8 2DZ (we lived in Scotland for 10 years!)  We trade from: Enterprise House,  Boathouse Meadow Business Park, Cherry Orchard Lane, Salisbury, SP2 7LD 

FCA registration Number 

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No: 679289. We are a credit broker of vehicle finance; we are not a funder or lender.


  • We DO charge a processing (or admin) fee and a finance company document fee for our services.
  • We DO NOT charge a holding deposit unless:
  • The dealer group and / or manufacturer asks for it. They usually do this on "unusually specified" factory orders or expensive / high performance cars. For example a yellow Mercedes OR any car over the value of £40,000. Remember when you order a car the dealer or manufacturer has to pay for it! 
  • If a refundable deposit IS required you will be informed of this requirement at the point of order and in writing BEFORE you pay us a penny. This way the process remains risk free for you.
  • Refundable deposits requested by the dealer and / or manufacturer are paid to us and we will pay this to them. Likewise refunds will be processed in the same way. You'll know we have paid this to the supplier as they will simply not order the car without it! 
  • We are more than happy to send you an e mail confirming that we have paid the dealer / manufacturer the deposit and thus provide a clear and transparent paper trail.    


  • We WILL charge a cancellation fee (as set out in our Terms and Conditions) of £450+ VAT minimum for the services already provided.
  • This cancellation cost COULD be increased to include your deposit IF the supplier insists upon it. Were this to occur we would place you in direct contact with the supplier so that you could deal with them personally and thus exercise your full consumer rights.
  • Cancellation fees will be invoiced on receipt of notification of cancellation of a vehicle order and are payable within 14 days.