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Please find below our payments page. We accept all major forms of payment via Pay Pal. Please use the reference we gave you or your Invoice number as a reference.

NB: There is a £5 merchant fee when using PAYPAL. Please add this to the total.   


  • You are making payment to the Car Leasing Network Limited. We trade as the "Car Leasing Network" and "CLN" .
  • We are a wholesale credit broker. We do NOT underwrite credit agreements ourselves.
  • We charge a fee/s for our service which have been clearly pointed out to "you" on your order form and/or when you applied for credit via our website.
  • Our fees become payable once we have got your credit agreed with the relevant finance company. We do not ask for payment of fees upfront. 
  • Our terms & conditions as well as a copy of our refund policy are available by clicking here 
  • By making payment you are confirming acceptance of our terms and conditions, our vehicle order and that you are aware who you are making payment to, when this payment is required & the amount involved.  


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